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Deep Dive: Australia’s Best Grüner Veltliner

Four years after our inaugural Deep Dive into Grüner Veltliner, it’s an apt time to again cast our eyes across the Australian Grüner landscape.

As it stands, grüner veltliner has made a significant contribution to the wine landscape in a very brief time. In around 15 years, we’ve seen the output grow from a lone wine to around 50 producers, and they are all firmly in the quality camp, with makers seeing potential in the grape that could see it emerge as one with especial suitability to some of our cooler viticultural zones. An equation like this inevitably triggers the need for a ‘Deep Dive’.

2023 Castle Rock Estate Gruner Veltliner

“Hulme, Campbell and Dowling all had this in their top-six wines. “Aromatic and savoury with citrus and peach fruit supporting a deeply spicy profile of white pepper, turmeric and coriander powder,” wrote Hulme. “There is a touch of pickle brine volatility here too, but the palate finishes fresh and pure.” “This wine is fine-boned and gripped with pheonic crunch,” said Campbell. “Its nose is overt and floral: jasmine, apple blossom, vanilla hints and cut thyme. The mouthfeel is medium weight with cut pear, rocket, green apple and nectarine…”

CREDIT: Photo and text from Young Gun of Wine

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